We are much more than an architectural interior design practice,
our holistic approach allows us to devise completely individual solutions.
We are creating better rooms, by asking the right questions.

Guarantee of results:

Clients of INDOOR + Architecture are awaiting a transparent, multi-step working procedure, that guarantees permanent control of success and costs.
At first in a cost-effective kick-off audit the fundamental potentials and design alternatives are identified – by asking the right questions.

In coordination with the wishes and budgets of our clients we are offering our services in three graded levels of perfection. These perfection levels are graded according to the expenses of the design phase, the desired degree of quality of execution and the project duration. This allows – in addition to projects in the premium sectors – that also projects with pretty limited budgets and short deadlines can be met by INDOOR + Architecture.

Architectural Residential Interior Design Styles Expert Service & Culture Lifestyle Products Sale, by Forbeli Home - London, Bordeaux

All Clients of INDOOR + Architecture  are part of an transparent, multi-step working process, that guarantees permanent control of success and costs.
To encourage an optimal based cooperation for new clients of INDOOR + Architecture, this is our typical working process.

INDOOR + Architecture may be engaged also for a single phase, or may be assigned separately phase by phase.

After the Kick-off Audit examined the basics by asking the right questions and the clients objectives are set, the usual working process of INDOOR + Architecture is shaped in six phases.

Phase 1: Programming

After an inventory the specific space adjacencies and the needed practical, symbolic and aestetic profiles in the sense of the clients customer focus can be determined

Phase 2: Schematic Design

Our design management is developing several proposals for the evaluation of different design styles for each specific task. Preliminary designs, including the first material and color concepts are developed to the point, that rough cost calculations and budgets can be prepared for further decision making.

Phase 3: Design Development

Refined designs with material and product specifications allow the collection of alternative cost estimates to develop accurate budgets. Evaluation of design alternatives based on specific cost and time planning.

Phase 4: Approval planning, Contract Documents

Any necessary plans to obtain special approvals are drawn up and submitted by legitimate contractors in collaboration with INDOOR + Architecture. Contracts for any possible subsidies and findings are prepared and finalized.

Phase 5: Detailed Design

Based on the approved plans and concepts working drawings, plans, furniture & equipment plans are defined, in which is precisely determined which appearance is required and how the desired effects are achieved.

Phase 6: Project Management, Contract Administration

The work in progress and the order fulfillment  of the appointed project partners and craftsmen based on the issued plans and samples are reviewed continuously by INDOOR + Architecture and its local Architectural Partners. Well done services will be accepted and paid. In the course of our strict quality control and final inspection every not appropriate or damaged parts are reclaimed and replaced until our clients agreed degree of perfection is reached.

Architectural Residential Interior Design Styles Expert Service & Culture Lifestyle Products Sale, by Forbeli Home - London, Bordeaux

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