Contemporary interior designs are creating artistically stimulating, fresh climate.
New, interesting solutions are spreading mental stimulation and vibrancy…

Contemporary Interiors by FORBELI HOME are freeing from retracted thinking by creating spaces for an artistically stimulating, fresh climate on a higher level.
This environments supports and encourages communication and intellectual minds.

Clean, smooth surfaces and an uncluttered appearance characterize contemporary interiors. The modern look is a world away from the fussy interiors beloved of our ancestors, but contemporary design doesn’t have to mean a home you’re afraid to live in. Contemporary Interiors by INDOOR+ does not create environments in which we could not live unhindered.

While modern style is as rich and varied as its traditional counterpart, there are a few things that most contemporary styled homes have in common:

Contemporary Interior Design Style Expertise by Forbeli Home, London


Forget clashing patterns and garish patterns. Contemporary homes are characterized by their cool, muted color palettes, featuring a lot of whites, creams and darker shades including brown, taupe and mauves. Sticking to this very modern color scheme, however, doesn’t have to be boring: by adding a splash of color with a vibrant painting or a brightly colored chair or sofa to draw the eye. Accents of color can also come from cushions, rugs, throws or ornaments, which add interest.

Contemporary Interior Design Style Expertise by Forbeli Home, London


Shiny metal, polished wood and cool tile are the textures you’ll most often find in the modern home. Floors are most often wood or tile, although rugs are often used to add both warmth and color to a room.

Chrome finishing on furniture and fixtures – particularly in bathrooms and kitchens – also help create a very modern look, as does glass, which is used to great effect in many contemporary interior styles.

To soften up this rather hard textural feel in your home, we are adding some different textures like fur or a velvet throw, or a set of silk drapes will make an interesting contrast to the rest of the look.


Surfaces in the contemporary home are clear and uncluttered. Resist the temptation to litter your surfaces with pictures in frames, ornaments or other clutter: instead, a few, well chosen ornaments in striking colors will make the most impact against the clean walls and smooth lines of the modern home.

Architectural Residential Interior Design Styles Expert Service & Culture Lifestyle Products Sale, by Forbeli Home - London, Bordeaux

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