What does Postmodern Interior Design mean ?

Postmodern design put a counterpoint to the purely functional design of modernist designers, with their reduced use of materials and the avoidance of every ornament.

Postmodern Interiors are avoiding minimalism in favor of decorative designs and surfaces,  creating joy and happiness.

The purely functionalistic modern style is the result of extensive reflection of possibilities of reducing and improving the usability at the same time, expressed in the maxim: “Form follows Function”.

This extremely sophisticated style meets the demands for harmony, unity, simplicity and thus strongly emphasizes the intellectual, spiritual component of his followers, rather than the emotional.

Postmodern Interior Design Style Expertise & Post-Modern Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home, London UK

Postmodern interiors set their focus increasingly on emotional range

They free themselves from the restrictive rules of the functionalists of classical modernism. This is achieved by a mix of design styles, unexpected design materials and unconventional points of view. Designers even work with period references (eg. columns, capitals, pediments, friezes). With a twinkle in the eye we put functional conditions (eg. wardrobes) in new clothes.

Humor and mood are common elements in a postmodern environment

Comfortable rooms for body, mind and soul are created.

Postmodern interiors provide an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

For this reason, the postmodern interior maxim is:


Postmodern Interior Design Style Expertise & Post-Modern Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home, London UK

In the context several styles of protest against the reduced cool, aesthetic functionalism have developed. They emphasize the personal preferences and thinking of their followers. For example:


This – by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980’s founded style – expresses passionately the freedom of art in form and material. The – to the limits optimized – usability steps back behind the pleasure principle.


This style – made famous in architecture by the genius of Frank O. Gehry – seems to defy gravity. The pure vertical and horizontal seems abolished. This style provides – beside the highest technical skills – the free spirit and the strong will of his followers.


In this design we go a step further. Massive, artistically changes in size are paramount. Imagination and spirit are inspired, the usability deliberately occurs in the background.

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