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First we shape our home – thereafter our home shapes us.

Our Mission: Unlocking Human Potential by Better Interior Design

To live among beautiful things, is to open oneself up to their restorative powers.
A well-ordered, well-decorated, and artfully furnished residence is an anitdote to the disorder in the world outside, it soothes the soul, mends the spirit, and improves charakter.

The influence of the permanent living environment on individual personal development is eminent – both positive and negative. This makes better interior design so important, to unlock human potential.

The usual simple “modernization” of a property, using just upmarket catalogue products usually do not produce the proper effects .


The focal points of our property upgrades are:

  • The practical dimension, which increases the performance, usability and support of the application functions of the property.
  • The aesthetic dimension, which emphasizes the subjective sense of beauty and personal ideals of the residents, to be a daily source of inspiration for them.
  • The symbolic dimension, to increase the expressive power of the property. This statement extends on one side from the object to the owner and on the other side from the owner to the society. (“Which statement gives this property of its owner ? Which image of its owner should the property convey and reinforce ?”).

FORBELI Home clients benefit in several ways to increase the value and the profit of their property or to prevent imminent losses. The upgraded property receives an additional value that exceeds the costs paid by far…

Interior Design decisions are more than the subjective pleasure of a single decision maker, it is a professionally usable instrument in the real estate market with high potentials and very specific characteristics.

Our Real Estate Design-Management is an excellent instrument to intelligently add value and higher profits to your properties.

Integrating decades of premium interior design and marketing experience, FORBELI Home acquired ever-greater know-how over time on profitable upgrading and design of real estates.

The knowledge of effective architectural design management, market research and interior design, the continuous observation of many property markets and the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades – all this sharpens the view to develop additional values for users and owners at reasonable cost.

The core of our method consists of a unique combination of scientific findings and decades of experience in marketing management and the psychological knowledge of the advertising industry in the special field of architecture and interior design.

The external impact of our work focuses on the creation of value through target group-oriented image building for our clients. The internal effects of our architecture have the effect of creating optimal environment for room users, employees and guests so that they can fully develop or sustain their human potential.

Our teamwork makes your dreams work.


We are a firm of outstanding individuals whose fluency in the language of design and innovation is matched by the practical, real-world experience, necessary to transform ideas into icons, which work both aesthetically and commercially.


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