Our design maxims include above all, our special appreciation of nature, our affection for Japanese architecture, interior design and garden art, our subtle handling of the given location and the conscious emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, our meticulous treatment of architectural details and the high tactile qualities of the materials we select.

We set new standards especially by additive joining of the old to the new.

With FORBELI/Home we found our own language that clearly distinguishes us from other creators of architecture.

The special features of solutions by FORBELI/Home are our customized individuality, according to the design principles set out in our  Mission Statement.
Our dominant design criterias are our clients personal values, as well as their ideals of beauty and happiness and their symbolic requirements.

At FORBELI HOME individual designers and architects will not arbitrarily realize their own sense of taste or their contemporarily standardized understanding of interior design – at the expense of the customer’s values.

The mission of FORBELI/Home is the creation of environments that permanently causes positive inspiration, to unlock the best personal potentials of its users. To achieve this goal, the first focus is a specialized Architectural Designmanagement by asking the right questions.

In accordance with our company principles – set out in our Mission Statement – first of all, the practical, aesthetic, and symbolic needs of our clients are professionally analysed.

This much more profound approach leads to unique project requirements and necessary architectural effects.
Very often the true customer demands cannot be simply met by the customary contemporary design.
As a result of decades of our work in interior and architecture, we are experts in some additional design styles.

Private Wohnsitz Innenarchitektur, architektonische Immobilien Upgrades und Gartengestaltung von FORBELI HOME - Bordeaux, Frankreich, Hamburg Deutschland

FORBELI/Home employs in-house interior designers and construction practitioners, as well as project-based external experts. After defining the individual requirements, the most appropriate designers and craftsmen for the task are internationally combined into the project team.

In recent years FORBELI/Home has taken considerable time to locate the very best global partners, who are in a position to guarantee our high standards of quality for the long term. Exclusive relationships – with exceptional craftsmen and artists, with rare or traditional abilities or unusual new production techniques – are cultivated over long-term and therefore are FORBELI/Home key factor of success.

Our production orders are assigned globally, in accordance with principles similar to “Fair Trade ” and strict social and environmental standards.

Very often the grade of perfection in our interiors can only be achieved over a longer period of time. FORBELI/Home’s expert buyers are doing repeated collecting trips, especially to Italy, Japan, North-Africa and China to get individual unique pieces, as additional complement for our clients. FORBELI/Home, therefore, is taking global purchasing and search orders for difficult customer needs, especially in the areas of refurbished artistic and historic architectural building elements, “Wiener Werkstaette” furnitures, asian art, antiques and carpets.

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