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First we shape our home – thereafter our home shapes us.

Our Mission: Unlocking Human Potential by Better Interior Design

To live among beautiful things, is to open oneself up to their restorative powers.
A well-ordered, well-decorated, and artfully furnished residence is an anitdote to the disorder in the world outside, it soothes the soul, mends the spirit, and improves charakter.

The influence of the permanent living environment on individual personal development is eminent – both positive and negative. This makes better interior design so important, to unlock human potential.

The usual simple “modernization” of a property, using just upmarket catalogue products usually do not produce the proper effects .


The focal points of our property upgrades are:

  • The practical dimension, which increases the performance, usability and support of the application functions of the property.
  • The aesthetic dimension, which emphasizes the subjective sense of beauty and personal ideals of the residents, to be a daily source of inspiration for them.
  • The symbolic dimension, to increase the expressive power of the property. This statement extends on one side from the object to the owner and on the other side from the owner to the society. (“Which statement gives this property of its owner ? Which image of its owner should the property convey and reinforce ?”).

FORBELI Home clients benefit in several ways to increase the value and the profit of their property or to prevent imminent losses. The upgraded property receives an additional value that exceeds the costs paid by far…

Interior Design decisions are more than the subjective pleasure of a single decision maker, it is a professionally usable instrument in the real estate market with high potentials and very specific characteristics.

Our Real Estate Design-Management is an excellent instrument to intelligently add value and higher profits to your properties.

Integrating decades of premium interior design and marketing experience, FORBELI Home acquired ever-greater know-how over time on profitable upgrading and design of real estates.

The knowledge of effective architectural design management, market research and interior design, the continuous observation of many property markets and the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades – all this sharpens the view to develop additional values for users and owners at reasonable cost.

The core of our method consists of a unique combination of scientific findings and decades of experience in marketing management and the psychological knowledge of the advertising industry in the special field of architecture and interior design.

The external impact of our work focuses on the creation of value through target group-oriented image building for our clients. The internal effects of our architecture have the effect of creating optimal environment for room users, employees and guests so that they can fully develop or sustain their human potential.

Our teamwork makes your dreams work.


We are a firm of outstanding individuals whose fluency in the language of design and innovation is matched by the practical, real-world experience, necessary to transform ideas into icons, which work both aesthetically and commercially.



Private Residential Home and Garden Interior Design & Architectural Upgrade Services by FORBELI HOME for Better Living is Architecture of Happiness

Residential Interior Design

Interior Design we describe as beautiful, evokes aspects of happiness. But what is the secret ?

What is it, that really appeals to us. Why are we vulnerable, so inconveniently vulnerable, to what the home we inhabit is saying about us ? The influence of the permanent living environment on individual personal development is eminent - both positive and negative. First we shape our home - than our home shapes us.

This makes better interior design so important, to unlock human potential.

Private Residential Home and Garden Interior Design & Architectural Upgrade Services by FORBELI HOME for Better Living is Architecture of Happiness

Real Estate Property Upgrade

Increase value and profit of your properties, by knowing how to make it unique. We realize the true value of your property and know how to convey this appreciation.

Design Management for Real Estate Property Upgrade Architectural Services by FORBELI Home, London, UK

Architectural Elements Trade

FORBELI/Home is not only an architecture and interior design practice, but is also deeply entrenched in the international market for building parts of historical significance or design elements, showcasing extraordinary level of mastery.

In order to guarantee our clients absolutely exclusive and unique architectural solutions, we maintain a exclusive network of selling property owners, building restoration companies, experienced art restorers and craftsmen.

Exclusive Architectural Elements Objects Art Trade. Collector Service and Interior Design Adaption by FORBELI HOME London UK, Bordeaux France

Glass Architecture & Wintergardens

Spaces with integrated gardens and light extend the good times of life...

Glass Architecture, Conservatories & Wintergardens by FORBELI Home, London UK

Ecological Sustainable Design

Sustainability requires, that we meet all our needs without sacrifice, but also without destroying the natural living requirements of future generations. The latest “green” achievements affect the entire field of construction and architecture.

Ecological Friendly Sustainable Design & Architecture by FORBELI HOME. London UK

Wellness & Spa Interior Design

The experts of FORBELI/Home are creating water-oases that invite you to relax, immerse and dream...

Wellness Spa Bathroom Interior Design & Architecture, Wellness Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home. London UK & Bordeaux France


Architectural Design-Management

Businessmen, Politicians, Artists, People of public interest - all have to distinguish themselves.
Design-Management is concerned primarily to profiling. FORBELI HOME's Designmanagement is focused on the relations of persons to their community. Then we care for the reaffirmation of the ideals of our clients by their environment, to inspire them every new day. This is achieved the better the more precisely we proceed from asking the right questions to extract the real needs of our clients.

Design Management for Real Estate Property Upgrade Architectural Services by FORBELI Home, London, UK

Prime Property Scouting & Rating

You are interested in undervalued properties? In a sleeping beauty, that can be brought to the top, with limited costs and efforts? You need a new residence for your family or your business. In this case, the prime property scouts of FORBELI Home are the right partners...

Real Estate Property Scouting & Rating Expertise by FORBELI Home, London UK, Bordeaux France

Property Investment Services

Integrating decades of premium interior design experience,  we acquired ever-greater know-how over time on profitable upgrading and refurbishment of real estates. The knowledge of effective architectural design management and interior design, the continuous observation of many prime property markets and the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades - all this sharpens the view to develop new profit potentials for real estate investors. This comes together with the experience of implementing these property upgrades at reasonable costs. FORBELI's property investment department is a independent source, whose specialists are focused on delivering exciting income and capital growth opportunities to private individuals, corporates and institutional investors.

Real Estate Shared Profit Property Investment Expert Services by FORBELI Home, London UK

Architectural Lighting

Light has an amazing potential on human comfort, productivity, visual "fabric", architectural enhancement and quality of life. Lighting is a science and an art.

Architectural Lighting Design Expertise & Products Sale. FORBELI Home London UK

Safe Home Design

To realize a successful combination of safety and quality of living it is essential to involve FORBELI SAFE HOME as soon as possible in the planning and implementation of protection strategies for personal and object security.
This way a unification of the client's safety and his quality of life can be guaranteed. In an environment purely influenced by security experts, the quality of life and wellbeing suffers dramatically.

Safe Homes Design Expertise & Security Products by FORBELI Home London, UK

Senior Living Interior Design

The supporting FORBELI HOME architecture allows an independent living in a personal environment, that corresponds to the lived life and the grown personality. Architectural shaping in the fields of “Senior Living Interior Design” is rewarding in ways, that goes beyond the expectations of many.

Senior Residential Living Interior Design Expertise & Products by FORBELI Home. London UK


For FORBELI Art Consulting objects of art opens up spaces of communication, whether through their use as a design element indoors or outside of buildings. Fine arts (painting, sculpture) has become an important communication tool today. The opportunities of image-projection and differentiation, lying in the creativity and uniqueness of art, increasingly are recognized as an advantage.  Originality, innovation, modernity - these are essential qualities of contemporary art, which can be connected to you. Art is making a significant contribution to differentiation and social communication. The use of appropriate art objects makes it possible to create your needed image. Your art is a signal of cosmopolitanism, open-mindedness, seriousness and cultural competence.

Forbeli Art Consulting Expert Service London


Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Interior Design achieves a wild, elegant lifestyle full of self-conscious force, carried by the sparkling creativity of jazz and enthusiasm for speed and streamlining. Since the "Roaring Twenties" Art Deco absorbed the graphic evidence of Picasso and Cubism in a creative and intellectual way. The aim is a living space refined by art. Art Deco Interior Design creates an atmosphere of unabashed luxury and lifestyle. Art Deco Interiors by FORBELI/Home offer an impressive stage, to give positive daily inspiration ...

Art Deco Style Expertise & Products by FORBELI - For Better Living - Interior Design

Epoch Fusion / Eclectic Interior Design

The Epoch Fusion Department of FORBELI/Home clears up with expertise a little of the mystique that surrounds antique furniture. Taste is a very personal matter, and if it is not to degenerate into mere eccentricity, it ought to be based on knowledge and supported by expert advice - when the occasion demands. FORBELI/Home´s Epoch Fusion Department is trying to win over the uncompromisingly contemporary minded. We like well-designed furniture of any period, including our own, and we come down heavily on the side of those who cheerfully blends the very best of the old with the new...

Eclectic Epoch Fusion Interior Design Style Expertise & Products by FORBELI Home, London

Contemporary Interior Design

With Contemporary Interior Design you get rid of retracted thinking and create space for an artistical stimulating, fresh climate. This environment supports communication and encourages creative and intellectual working people...

Contemporary Interior Design Style Expertise by Forbeli Home, London

Postmodern Interior Design

Postmodern Interiors focus their priorities on emotional joy and break free from the restrictive rules of the classic functionalist modernism. Our Postmodern Interiors create an atmosphere full of energy, inspiration, and esprit. It generates comfortable spaces for the body, mind, and soul.

Postmodern Interior Design Style Expertise & Post-Modern Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home, London UK

CROSS-CULTURAL Interior Design

Cross-Cultural Interior Design means, that we are creating rooms, transferring you immediately to your preferred part of the world, reviving the joy of life and the memories of new discoveries in encouraging and exhilarating way again.
Our Interior design has always been more than beautiful shapes.


Cross-Cultural Interior Design Style Expertise & Products by Forbeli Home

Traditional Chinese Interior Design

Combined with the best of Western design, traditional Chinese interior design style and art is making a quiet breakthrough. Traditional Chinese interior design art evolved from a classically traditional style that is unique in its graceful designs in space planning, materials, colors and furnishings. Like any other cultural vehicle, interior design, as an expression of the resident’s interests, tastes and aspirations, can indirectly reflect the culture and thinking of the era and society. It occupies a glorious chapter in design history, with a dazzling array of achievements grounded in a rich Chinese culture.

FORBELI/Home does not stop to the superficial expression of Chineseness achieved by a mechanical aggregation of traditional design elements. Rather, we seek the expression of the intrinsic values of traditional culture based on a firm grasp of the Chinese design techniques and aesthetic principles in space planning and the use of materials, colours and furnishings. Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, the philosophies and religions founded two millennia ago are jewels in the crown of classical philosophy and wisdom. They are also the three major building blocks of traditional Chinese culture.

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interiors are creating peace. The peace to find contemplation and self-awareness…
A common misunderstanding is the association of “Japanese” with straightness, purism and simplicity. It is true that Japanese design is always “unpretantional” and simple – in the Western sense. The term “straightness” must be replaced by clarity.

Japanese Interior Design Style & Products by FORBELI Home London

Tuscan Interior Design

The rolling hills, farmhouses and vineyards – the enchanting landscape of northern Italy have aroused a surge of interest in Tuscan interior design. Terracotta tiles of the roofs, fields of lavender, sunflowers, towering cypress trees draw the landscape of Tuscany. With our Tuscan Interior Design Style, this magic of Tuscany can be added to your property by using special colors, materials and finishes, creating a particularly cozy, warm and friendly living atmosphere with a high degree of refinement.

Tuscan Interior Design Style Expertise & Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home . London UK

Spanish Interior Design

The Classic Spanish Interior Design Style is marked by a unique combination of Moorish characteristics on the one hand, Renaissance and Baroque features on the other.

In considering this subject, one must bear in mind the peculiarly conservative character of Spanish people, ....


Spanish Interior Design Style Expertise & Furniture by FORBELI Home. London UK

Moroccan Interior Design

Our Moroccan Interior Design Style is giving any room a warm and friendly, lived-in and welcoming aura.
Inspired by the Islamic culture and the shapes and colours of the rolling sands of the desert…

Moroccan Interior Design is about colour, texture, and fluid lines. Wherever you find this style, its intricate beauty seduces. Moroccan design incorporates bold colours, such as fuchsia, royal blue, deep purple, and vibrant red, with the soothing neutral colours of the desert, such as sand, taupe, beige, and shades of white. Bold accent walls and fabrics are common in this design style.

Moroccan Islamic Moorish Art Interior Design Style Expertise & Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home. London UK

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