Art is communication

Objects of art open spaces of communication, whether through their use as a design element indoors or outside of buildings.

For many of us fine arts (painting, sculpture) has become an important communication tool today.

The opportunities of self-projection and differentiation, lying in the creativity and uniqueness of art, increasingly are recognized as an advantage.

Originality, innovation, modernity

– these are essential qualities of contemporary art, which can be connected to oneself.

The sensual experience, the work of art as a stimulus to reflection and discussion – these characteristics of art objects are acting straight back to your environment. This is true for both – the internal impact and the external effects.

This way, art is making a significant contribution to differentiation and social communication. The use of appropriate art objects makes it possible to create for you the public image you need.

Your art is a signal of cosmopolitanism, open-mindedness, seriousness and cultural competence.

Your image and public acceptance are strengthened.

The aim of FORBELI ArtConsulting is to influence the image of our client in a positive way by using fine arts. To this end we deal with the history, the values and the objectives of our client.

These art activities are the more effective, the more consistently they are focused on achieving the jointly formulated goals.

However the artworks should not only fit in this economic context, but also stand for themselves.

To shape the particular art experience lasting and intense – this is another focus we set ourselves in this consulting service.

The artworks should have a direct impact, they should live organically with you.

FORBELI ArtConsulting

is the partner in placement of art.

Our services to efficient implementation of art include the following:

  • Selection of contemporary artists and art objects
  • where appropriate: Orders for the creation of new specific artworks
  • Selection and design of appropriate spaces
  • Coordination of building architecture and object positioning
  • Hanging and installation of works of art
  • Projectmanagement for artworks
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