Our problem solution for real estate sellers.
Do you have problems in communicating the true potential of your property and achieving the intended selling price?

We realize the true value of your property and know how to convey this appreciation.

Our problem-solution for property buyers.

  •  You have found a property that does not yet meet all your needs and whishes ?

  • You want to know, whether you can upgrade a certain object to all of your individual demands – without exceeding your budget?

Real Estate Development & Property Upgrade Architectural Expert Services by FORBELI Home, London - United Kingdom, Bordeaux - France

Initially, an actual-state inventory takes place

First, the property will undergo a general, neutral analysis and valuation. This pilot investigation is problem-solving on a small scale. In this phase, it is important to define the exact problems and weaknesses.
(What is to be changed ?
What are the objectives ?) and to check the resources available.
This actual-state inventory serves as a neutral record of the current state of the property and the local market situation, from a wide variety of perspectives.


This is followed by a constructive review of the property´s actual state. This constructive review serves the analysis and evaluation of the collected actual data.
The underlying causes of the identified weaknesses are pointed out, so not only symptoms are treated.

Special care is taken to develop an optimum of beneficial results with very limited costs and without having to move into time-consuming details.

The usual and simple “modernization” of the property may not be successful, because these activities cannot achieve a unique selling proposition for the object, and thus only occurs in a tough price competition. Whenever success is not sought on the most favorable price, superior performance must be offered. In a highly competitive market, the offered property has to appear as the more interesting, the better option, otherwise, the rival bid is preferred.

Real Estate Development & Property Upgrade Architectural Expert Services by FORBELI Home, London - United Kingdom, Bordeaux - France

Target conception & generating problem solutions

The next phase is divided into two steps: generating problem solutions and selecting solutions. Analogous to the process of evolution a distinction is made between the phase of variation, wherein the solution space will be opened as far as possible (target: many different types of solutions) and a phase of selection, in which the solutions are reduced to the most appropriate.

The crucial factor in the phase of solution generating is the creativity and the experience of the specialists of FORBELI Home. The result of this phase of the problem-solving process is as many different, new solutions as possible.

Whenever this competition cannot – or should not – be won by the lowest price, outstanding quality must be offered.

Within the triangular relationship between seller, market and buyer FORBELI Home is developing successful initiatives.

At given objective data of a property, the crucial key to add additional value is by focusing on emotional and affectively toned extra benefits.

These emotional strategies may have different strategy cores.

FORBELI Home provides the property with aesthetic components to increase the property’s value by creating an outstanding profile for a focused target market.

This carefully planned interior architecture has the following focal points:

  • A practical dimension, which increases the performance, usability and support of the application functions of the property.
  • A symbolic dimension to increase the expressive power of the property. This statement extends on one side from the object to the owner and on the other side from the owner to the society. (“Which statement gives this property of its owner ? Which image of its owner should the property convey and reinforce ?”).
  • An aesthetic dimension, which emphasizes the subjective sense of beauty and personal ideals of the individual, to be a daily source of inspiration for its users

Solution rating & Selection

After the phase of generating multiple solutions, the best solution is evaluated and selected.

So at the end of this pilot procedure, an informed decision is possible, through which solution-approach the most value for the property may be added and is advised to be realized in a detailed project to gain the maximum profit – or if the upgrade process cannot realize an added value for this property.

Properties, upgraded by our procedures, get additional values that exceed the costs and efforts by far.

Architectural Residential Interior Design Styles Expert Service & Culture Lifestyle Products Sale, by Forbeli Home - London, Bordeaux

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