To realize a successful combination of safety and quality of living it is essential to involve FORBELI SAFE HOME as soon as possible in the planning and implementation of protection strategies for personal and object security.
This way a unification of the client’s safety and his quality of life can be guaranteed.

In an environment purely influenced by security experts, the quality of life and wellbeing suffers dramatically.

FORBELI SAFE HOME combines high security with the highest standard of living,

e.g. by

  • landscaped stone walls as a firing-protection for patios
  • water basins as impact protection
  • Panic-Room Design etc.

You can expect a package, tailored to your situation and your needs.

To optimize your protection our specialists advise you professionally, provide professional planning assistance or create individual threat scenarios to optimize your security concept.

Your reliable safety is just as important as sophisticated interior design and superior quality.

Therefore, all elements like windows and doors are produced only by highly qualified personnel, to meet all your requirements of burglary protection or bullet- and bomb-proofness. Our electrical / electronic department is at your disposal if you want electronic monitoring or control of your windows and doors or a complement of your comfort-functions. Whether it is a motion-controlled, all-around lighting, a high-quality video-phone system or a so-called BUS-System, that allows you to control shutters and other home features – even by mobile phone.

Exposed individuals and businesses will get a complete package of services from a single source with a guarantee for overall function.

Safe Homes Design Expertise & Security Products by FORBELI Home London, UK

Design criteria in the area of FORBELI´s “Senior Living” Interior Design are, therefore:

  • glare-free lighting
    with increased brightness levels for different tasks
  • increased contrast between horizontal and vertical surfaces.
    The improved visual orientation helps the sense of balance. Thus, for example, a corridor whose floor and walls are equipped with similar color values, may result in poor visibility to confusion and uncertainty.
  • Acoustics optimized
    – by using surfaces that reduce background noise to allow better hearing, thereby supporting social contacts.
  • Level transitions from one floor to another are essential.
    All possible trip hazards are to be removed.
  • Sharp corners or edges are avoided
  • Floors with strong, contrasting patterns or very similar color values run the risk of dizziness and falls.
  • Textiles and wall coverings with easily recognizable patterns
    that could not be perceived as objects, faces or animals.
  • The color palettes
    are specially specified, so that it does not appear to be too dark and dull to the aging eye.
  • Mirrors
    could not be used to create visual illusions in “Senior Living”, as they may cause confusion and disorientation
  • Contrasts are improved to capture the skills, tools, handles, and doors.
  • Colors
    are primarily not used any longer as a decorating tool, but as a good resource of visual orientation.
    For example, too many baths are white on white making it difficult to clearly see, the edge of the shower or grab bars, etc.
Safe Homes Design Expertise & Security Products by FORBELI Home London, UK
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