The latest “green” achievements affect the entire field of construction and architecture.

Sustainability requires that we succeed in satisfying all our present needs through technically innovative solutions without damaging the basis of life of future generations.

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Our Sustainable projects aim to provide long-lasting and healthful rooms while conserving finite resources of materials and energy.

This is achieved by

  • using durable, recyclable and renewable materials
  • energy-efficient design
  • using environmentally neutral energy sources (wind, sun, geothermal)
  • using environment-friendly technologies (shading, simple evaporation cooling).

Everything that is built, shapes the way people live – today and in the future.

Ecological Friendly Sustainable Design & Architecture by FORBELI HOME. London UK


Our projects exhibit a sensible use and management of natural resources throughout its life cycle, including operation and maintenance.
Long-term environmental concerns, whether pertaining to flows of material or energy, are tightly integrated design criteria. This involves

  • low environmental impacts over the whole project’s life cycle
  • energy and material efficiency in construction, operation and maintenance
  • high ratio of renewable energy to fossil energy in construction, operation and maintenance
  • robust products and technologies.

A fundamental principle of our sustainable developments are to keep our planet in condition to indefinitely support future generations.
This is an enormous challenge, because our global eco-system is in a state of stress and overuse – finite sources of energy, materials are being depleted and much of our environment is being polluted or spoiled.

Ecological Friendly Sustainable Design & Architecture by FORBELI HOME. London UK

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