Lightness, conviviality, cheerful self-irony, enjoyment of life, joy in celebrations.

This lifestyle determines the Wiener Werkstaette since its inception. Elegance, adequacy, relevance are the key criteria…

Designs in the style of the Wiener Werkstaette show the highest skills in arts and crafts of wooden furniture and decorative arts.

The masterminds of the Wiener Werkstaette emphasize simplicity and convenience in their design.
Also, the influences of Japanese aesthetics are not to be overlooked in this interior design style.
Free-floating movement between interior and exterior, simple and material-appropriate solutions – the material remains visible in its specific character.
This design generates creative tension by absolutely reduced formal means.
These interior designs represent the highest commitment of technical and artistic skills.

Wiener Werkstaette Interior Design Style Expertise & Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home, London UK

Their artistic value is in the seriousness and solidity of the intellectual and manual work invested.

Later, the designers of the Bauhaus-style adopted this approach with the technology of metal processing.

Wiener Werkstaette by FORBELI HOME preserves the established tradition in the field of interior design and furniture building by Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser Josef Urban, Dagobert Peche and others.
Therefore, interiors and decorative arts are produced in cooperation between artists and an international elite of modern craftsmen, who are inspired by the ambition to do the best of their kind.
Wiener Werkstaette Interior Design Style Expertise & Furniture Sale by FORBELI Home, London UK

Besides the re-editions, that meet these high standards of quality, FORBELI HOME is collecting and selling single original pieces of furniture, furnishings, and utensils, especially by the founder of the Wiener Werkstaette Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Josef Urban, Dagobert Peche and others.

Please contact the Wiener Werkstaette Studio of FORBELI HOME directly, if you are interested in originals or re-editions in museum-quality.
Architectural Residential Interior Design Styles Expert Service & Culture Lifestyle Products Sale, by Forbeli Home - London, Bordeaux

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